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MoLAS 2002: annual review for 2001

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Dealing with archaeology: consultancy advice and the design and management of projects

Property professionals are frequently asked to reconcile the need for new development with requirements to protect and record archaeological and historical remains. Experienced developers meet this challenge by integrating archaeology into project designs from the outset, in order to identify and manage archaeological risks.

MoLAS Consulting is a separate arm of the Archaeology Service that focuses entirely on providing authoritative advice to clients on the possible historic and archaeological requirements of projects. Advice is provided through MoLAS's team of experienced Project Managers. MoLAS conducts feasibility studies and risk appraisals, often carried out as part of due diligence. Within the framework of the planning process, the Project Manager arranges for research and documentation to be prepared in support of planning applications, normally taking the form of desk-based assessment and field evaluation reports, and subsequent project designs or written schemes of investigation.

MoLAS consultancy advice is aimed at managing risk effectively, discharging planning conditions successfully and designing archaeological solutions which add value to a scheme. Being part of a major museum enables MoLAS to arrange public relations to suit the scheme and the client. Major discoveries are frequently displayed at the Museum's premises, away from the construction site, whilst site tours and open-days can be held in conjunction with national organisations and newspapers.

MoLAS can also offer confidential pre-purchase advice on 'archaeological risk' at prospective sites and assist with planning applications for every type of project, from the smallest evaluation to the largest infrastructure, housing or office development. Heritage management advice and services make use of the MoLAS historic buildings team. Recent projects have included recording work at the World Heritage Site of the Palace of Westminster and advice on the display of London's early 2nd-century Roman amphitheatre at Guildhall Yard.

MoLAS maintains three separate sets of web pages through the main Museum of London web site. The MoLAS Commercial Services pages provide clients with a full summary of our standard archaeological services from geomatics to excavation. MoLAS Consulting pages give an overview of the consultancy work we can carry out. Last but not least, an extensive set of archaeological pages provide the general public with access to the results of over 4000 excavations, as well as the latest archaeological news from current sites and extracts from our most recent publications.

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