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MoLAS 2002: annual review for 2001

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Visualisation: graphics, photography, design and production

Archaeological investigation demands extensive on-site and post-excavation capabilities in the illustration and presentation of the findings. The MoLAS graphics team is responsible for the design and production of a wide variety of publications, including the highly regarded MoLAS Monograph and Archaeology Studies Series. Traditional and digital design and illustration techniques are used to produce quality artwork not only for articles and books, but exhibitions and privately sponsored booklets and other literature.

MoLAS illustrators use CorelDraw and other graphics programs to prepare site plans, elevations, maps and reconstructions. Illustrations are designed to convey information with maximum clarity, whether for use in client reports, academic publications, general artwork, or as exhibition material. Experience in the illustration of archaeological finds includes flintwork, pottery, building materials, textiles, leather, glass, metal, bone and antler, and of objects ranging in size from microscopic seeds to timber ships and stone buildings.

MoLAS photographers provide studio and location images in a variety of conventional formats, together with digital photography, rectified photography and image manipulation. The MoLAS studio is fitted with Bowens lighting and dark rooms, allowing production of complex large-set photographs and product shots. Studio images can be produced on film or as publication quality digital images for academic and popular books, magazines, television programmes and public exhibitions.

The in-house design and production of publications takes products from the initial concept through typesetting and pre-press work to print buying and quality control. Several books are produced in-house every year as part of the expanding MoLAS publication programme.

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