Prittlewell media coverage (PR03)

Children at the temporary Prittlewell exhibition ( MoLAS)

Clients: Southend-on-Sea Borough Council

Author: Dave Lakin

The excavation of a spectacular Saxon royal burial in Southend was carried out by MoLAS late in 2003 under conditions of strict secrecy but finally announced to the public at a news conference held at the Museum of London early in February 2004. An exhibition featuring 11 of the objects from the grave was opened at the Museum on 5 February and ran for two weeks during which time over 11,000 visitors viewed the finds. The exhibition subsequently transferred to Southend Central Museum and ran for a further month attracting another 20,000 + visitors.

Media coverage of the launch during February and throughout spring 2004 was considerable. Radio and TV interviews with both local and national media were given by Taryn Nixon the Managing Director of MoLAS, Dave Lakin the Project Manager, and Ian Blair the Senior Archaeologist. Features appeared in local and national newspapers.

This site report is extracted from MoLAS 2004: annual review

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