Medina Cement Works, Isle of Wight

Early Victorian cement kiln with lateral side-by-side kiln chambers (photo courtesy Isle of Wight Archaeology Society)

Clients: WCA Heritage

Author: Nick Bateman

Site supervisor: Alison Telfer

During the summer we completed the last phase of a standing building recording exercise in the Isle of Wight. MoLAS was commissioned by WCA Heritage.

The West Medina Cement Works is situated to the north of Newport. The site contained several buildings, three of which needed to be monitored during demolition and one of which was identified as requiring preservation and detailed recording. The three buildings of specific interest, by the River Medina, were a brick and concrete chambered kiln, a wash mill and a Dutch barn. To the south-west of this area lay a second, slightly later chambered kiln which required conservation.

The earlier kiln, dating to c 1860, was less usual in that it comprised a bank of kilns in a line; whilst the later one, dating to c 1870, was a 'multi-drawhole' type which conforms to known types elsewhere in the UK.

This standing building recording work is one of a number of sites that we have looked at on the Isle of Wight recently.

This site report is extracted from MoLAS 2005: annual review

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