The Museum of Kosovo

Neolothic statuettes on display in the Museum of Kosovo ( MoLAS)

Clients: The Museum of Kosovo/UN

Author: Sophie Jackson

Site supervisor:

MoLAS staff visited the Museum of Kosovo in April 2005. The aim of the visit was to consider the archaeological policy and strategy requirements of the Museum and to make recommendations about practical archaeological techniques and procedures that would be of benefit to the Museum. The issues for review, identified prior to the visit, were: geomatics work (survey infrastructure, 3D terrain models, GIS), excavation techniques, analysis and specialist interpretation, policy and procedures, training and skills. The MoK is building its archaeological capacity in a climate where the cultural heritage institutions, procedures and law are themselves being re-established and therefore the recommendations of the review had to be appropriate and realistic for the circumstances.

MoLAS were also asked to provide recommendations and advice about the practical techniques and approach to a new phase of excavation at a late-Neolithic site north of the capital, Prishtina. It is hoped that the recommendations from the visit can be put into practice at this site in 2006.

This site report is extracted from MoLAS 2005: annual review

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