City Wall Management Plan

Stretch of City Wall close to Moorgate and London Wall(© MoLAS)

Clients: Corporation of London

Author: Chris Thomas

Site supervisors: Mark Burch, Nathalie Cohen and Julian Hill

MoLAS was commissioned by the Corporation of London to undertake an audit of the historic London City Wall in 2004 and 2005. The aim of this project was to establish all known observations of the City Wall, what records exist and the standard of recording. In the long term this is intended to help the creation of a conservation management plan for what remains as one of Londonís premier historic monuments.

Fieldwork involved assessing existing stretches of the City Wall whilst desk-based work involved assessing the archives where fragments have been excavated by MoLAS, other organisations and antiquarians.

The project has established that there are a few examples of stretches of the City Wall that have been fully recorded and accurately located. These are, however, in the minority. There are many stretches which have good quality records but no accurate location, and others which require more comprehensive records as well as accurate location. In addition there are antiquarian observation which, whilst they cannot be accurately surveyed, they can be Ďbest-fittedí by known addresses.

Perhaps the most significant finding is that there are two stretches of well-preserved City Wall that have never been recorded at all. The first is the section on Tower Hill which is under English Heritage guardianship and the second is a little known section embanking the south side of Postmanís Park next to Aldersgate which has one of the highest surviving sections of Roman City Wall anywhere in London. There are also other, less well-preserved sections of wall that have also no record such as one in the crypt of St Martinís Ludgate.

The intention is to take the project forward by addressing the recommendations of the report and recording each section of city wall to the required degree where it is possible. This may well take a number of years but would ultimately provide us with a complete record of the location, survival and interpretation of Londonís City Wall.

This site report is extracted from MoLAS 2005: annual review

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