Petra, Jordan

The Roman period tombs at Petra, Jordan ( MoLAS)

Clients: Land Design Studio

Author: Taryn Nixon

Site supervisor: Taryn Nixon

A new visitor centre is being built near the entrance to the Siq leading into the central Petra basin in Jordan. It is being designed by Edward Cullinan, with the content of the exhibition galleries designed by Landesign Studio (designers of, among other projects, the new award-winning maritime museum at Falmouth). The contract was awarded as a result of an international architectural competition.

Landesign have asked MoLAS to help them to develop the content for the five proposed galleries, which will mean liaising closely with archaeologists based in Petra and Amman. We will be assisting with the storylines and object selection. Once the visitor centre has been designed our work will be handed over so the centre can be built and the gallery displays delivered by Jordanian teams, with funding from the World Bank. There is great enthusiasm for the new visitor centre in Jordan - where tourism is the biggest overseas contributor to the economy. Although our role is small, it is an exciting project for MoLAS. At present only 20% of visitors see the Petra museum whereas all visitors will go through the new centre in order to enter the city of Petra.

This site report is extracted from MoLAS 2005: annual review

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